Fiber Optics Companies Damaging City Infrastructure
Thursday, February 8, 2024

ANGOLA - Fiber optics internet drilling is damaging local infrastructure.

On Monday following the Angola Board of Works meeting, Angola City Engineer Amanda Cope stated local internet companies Frontier and REMC's fiber optics installation teams have hit infrastructure throughout Steuben County.

Angola Mayor Dave Martin confirmed the installation groups have bored too far down and have hit sewage, water and gas lines.

Cope stated the utility lines are at a minimum of four feet underground, and the fiber optic lines are not to go further than two feet underground.

"The city has been working with both Frontier and REMC to fix infrastructure that has been hit with boring equipment," said Cope.

"I believe there are areas where the boring is going deeper than anticipated."

When asked who pays for the repairs to the infrastructure Cope said the city works with the utility companies to either have them fix the repairs or the city complete the repairs and bill the fiber utility for their work.

Cope said she met with other local municipalities and confirmed the damages are a widespread problem throughout the state.

"We are not alone," said Cope on Monday. "And it seems like an uphill battle.

She told WLKI, "I think this is an issue that will need more attention and education by all parties involved to try to avoid issues in the future."

Cope asked any homeowners with ongoing problems regarding ground restoration not being completed to reach out to the city so they can be aware of it.

"Sometimes we don’t catch everything and we want to help as much as possible."

Angola City Hall is located at 210 N Public Square and questions and concerns can be made to 665-3556.